mt kenya

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro in bordering tanzania. Mount Kenya is ideal for mountain climbing lovers and climbing its peaks such as Batian (5,199 metres), Nelion (5,188 metres) and Point Lenana (4,985 metres) has proven to be adventurous. Qsafaris takes you to the highest peaks through the thick mountain vegetation to the rocky parts of the mountain. Mount Kenya is one of the world’s largest freestanding volcanic mountains. It’s believed that the original crater on Mt. Kenya was over 6, 500 m, but heavy glacial erosion about 3.1-2.6 million years ago led to decline in its height. Mount Kenya is known among tourists for its breathtaking scenery, unique flora and fauna, and endless varieties of recreation. On expedition to Mt Kenya, you will find the scenic snow-capped peaks, magnificent cliffs and glaciers, spectacular waterfalls and valleys, and rolling slopes with thick forests cover.Its located 180 kilometers north of Nairobi and just 20 km from the equator.
Mount Kenya is one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa, known for its glacier-clad summits and spectacular middle slopes with afro-alpine flora. It has twelve remnant glaciers, protecting highest peaks of Nelion (5, 188m) and Batian (5, 199m) and Point Lenana (4, 985m). In fact, it’s one of the few places near the equator on Africa with permanent glaciers. Truly a paradise for adventure seekers, Mt Kenya has some of the finest hiking and trekking routes in the world. The mountain offers easy as well as challenging ascents with breathtaking scenery, especially from the top at dawns. Batian and Nelion can only be accessed by experienced and tough mountaineers, while Lenana can be reached by any fit trekker.
Mount Kenya National Park
Other major tourist attraction of Mt Kenya is the world-renowned Mt Kenya National park , located at an altitude of 3, 200m and covering an area over 700 square kilometers. The national park is known worldwide for its unique and diverse flora and fauna, and has been declared as an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. On Mt Kenya trek, you can enjoy exceptional views of tarns and alpine meadows on its higher slopes and lush rainforest and thickets of bamboo on lower slopes. Among major wildlife attractions in Mt Kenya include Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Sykes Monkeys, Albino Zebra, Antelope, Black and White Colobus, Black Rhino, Olive Baboon, Bush Pig and Hyena. Among birds Sunbirds, Hyrax and Eagles are commonly seen here.